What is the difference between maxiglide and sonicglide ?
Sonicglide is a 1¼ inch plates Maxiglide, with Sonic Vibration Option. When you turn on the Sonic Vibration botton, it helps the detangling pins glide through the tangles, even easier.
How come my MAXIglide will not turn on?
When your MAXIglide is on the blue light at the base of the unit will begin flashing until it has heated up completely and the light will stay blue. Turn your MAXIglide on by using the temperature dial at the bottom of the unit near the base of the power cord.
How do I clean my MAXIglide?
You can remove the plates by pushing in the two buttons on either side of the unit and sliding the plates off. Never immerse your MAXIglide into water — YOU MUST REMOVE THE PLATES TO CLEAN THEM. Use a soft cloth or toothbrush and dish soap to gently remove the buildup on the plates. COMPLETELY dry them before they are put back on your MAXIglide.
My Sonicglide does not get hot enough or product steam?
Please check your Sonicglide temprature setting. For Sonicglide to steam, tempration setting should be 10.
What if my MAXIglide breaks?
There is a ONE-YEAR Manufacturer’s warranty against breakage which begins from the date you receive your MAXIglide. Make sure you register your MAXIglide when you received it with enclosed registration card or register on-line at www.maxiusbeauty.com/register.php.
How do I return my MAXIglide?
Fill-out Product Warranty information at our website, if you haven't done so, and fill-out return request form at our website. Please be advised Maxius Beauty is not responsible for return shipping charges.
If I am returning my MAXIglide do I have to pay for shipping costs?
Yes you will pay for shipping your MAXIglide if it is a return. If your MAXIglide is damaged and you are requesting an exchange — contact customer service to make arrangements for the return/credit/or exchange.
Do you have a Money Back Guarantee?
We back the MAXIglide with a 30-day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee and a 1 year warranty (repair or replace) against manufacturing defects. The time is computed from the day you receive your product to the day you ship it back to us. The days in transit do not count against your warranty period.
Will the MAXIglide work on all hair types?
Although no product has ever worked 100% on all users, it is extremely rare that a customer will tell us it did not work for them. If you follow the instructional DVD and styling tips we are extremely confident that MAXIglide will work for you. Please note; we do not recommend use on very damaged or fragile hair.
Can you use the MAXIglide on wet hair or does it need to be completely dry?
Hair should be dry or almost dry.
I am experiencing a lot of static with my hair what can you recommend to avoid this?
You can use a straightening lotion and leave in conditioner. You can also try a light hairspray.
I noticed some of the coating coming off of the ceramic pins on my MAXIglide; can this be harmful to the hair?
Not at all. This does not affect your hair or the performance of your MAXIglide.
I am unable to register my MAXIglide on-line.
You can email us the following information: Name, address, email address, date of purchase, and Model number.
What is the difference between RUSH delivery and REGULAR delivery?
Rush delivery is available only in the USA not in CANADA — the delivery will be 5-7 business days from the date of the order. Regular delivery is 7-10 business days from the date of the order.
I live in Canada — will there be any additional charges?
Yes — there is an additional $5 shipping and handling fee and the customer is responsible for any customs or duties levied by the Canada Revenue Agency.
I live outside of the USA and Canada — how can I purchase a MAXIglide?
Please contact our customer service department and they will help your make arrangements for shipping.
What temperature does the MAXIglide Reach?
At the highest heat setting it reaches 430 degrees.
What is the difference between MAXIglide and other straightening irons in the market?
Basically all the ceramic irons are the same, there is a heating element and there is a ceramic plate — but that is where the similarity stops. There is very little in common between multi-patented MAXIglide and other ceramic irons. MAXIglide is t he only product in the world that detangles, smoothes, hydrates, and straightens the hair in one step and one tool, GUARANTEED.
Is the water compartment only for water?
YES it is only for water. Please use distilled or bottled water and avoid using tap water. This will lengthen the lifetime of your MAXIglide.
I am trying to order online. What does CVV mean?
CVV is an anti-fraud security feature to help verify that you are in possession of your credit card. For Visa/Mastercard, the three-digit CVV number is printed on the signature panel on the back of the card immediately after the card's account number For American Express, the four-digit CVV number is printed on the front of the card above the card account number.
I am traveling internationally; will the MAXIglide switch voltages from 120V to 220V automatically?
The MINIGLIDE is dual voltage but the MAXIGLIDE is not. We will have the 220v MAXIGLIDE available in the near future.
Does the MAXIglide help hair not frizz in humid temperatures like another flatiron being advertised?
Yes, all ceramic irons including MAXIglide close the cuticle therefore helping hair not to frizz in humid temperature. But if you use BEYOND STRAIGHT and THE END, two of our products, we can 100% guaranteed that your hair stays frizz free many times better than any ceramic iron alone.
I just bought a MAXIglide. Is it safe to use every day or is it not recommended because it can dry out my hair?
We recommend using your MAXIGLIDE once a week. If you have to use it more often, you must deep condition your hair every time. You also need to use a thermal protection product like MAXIUS BEYOND STRAIGHT with THE END.
Can I use Maxiglide on wet hair?
Virtually every Flat iron ever made can be used on wet hair, including MAXIGLIDE. Water evaporates at 100 degrees, and practically ALL of the irons get hotter than that. BUT, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND IT AT ALL. When the hair is wet, it has more elasticity, like a rubber band. When you use any hot iron on wet hair, in fact you are stretching the hair and drying it. It is a little like ironing a wet wool sweater! It gets stretched and BIG! As you are stretching the hair it actually gets thinner and weaker (JUST LIKE A RUBBER BAND)! Most importantly, if you start with wet hair, WHAT WOULD YOU DO ABOUT YOUR WET SCALP???? As far as we are concerned this is just another marketing idea, NOT A PRACTICAL OR FUNCTIONAL IDEA! After 25 years of styling experience and 6.5 years of development, MAXIGLIDE not only makes sense, it definitely works.
I purchased Maxiglide and i love it. I was a hairdresser years ago and over the years have spent hundreds of dollars on irons and products to straighten my hair. Your iron is a miracle and I love the resuln. The only problem is that I am finding quite a bit of breakage and would like to know what you recommend to keep my hair from breaking so often.
If you use it correctly, MaxiGlide does not break the hair any more than brushing or combing does. However, when using MaxiGlide, you have to remember not to use any pressure by squeezing the plates together. When using flat plates, including the MaxiGlide bonus flat plate, you can use light to medium pressure. But you should never put pressure on the handle when you use the plate with the pins. There is no need to squeeze. The detangling pins glide through and straighten the hair without pressure. Also, you need to be sure that what you are experiencing is real "breakage" of hair. As you know we naturally lose between 50 to 100 hairs a day. When using the ordinary irons, we must first brush the hair over and over to smooth the hair, before using the iron (otherwise we just flatten the frizz!). In the process, a lot of weakened hairs that are ready to fall out get trapped on the brush. When using MaxiGlide, since you don't start by brushing the hair over and over, some of the hairs that are ready to fall out will show up on the MaxiGlide. You can distinguish the hair that has fallen from the roots, versus the broken hair, by checking the ends of the hair, looking for the little bulb at the end where it was set in the scalp. These hairs are part of the natural shedding process.
I just bought the MAXIGLIDE and I am losing a lot of hair from the detangling pins. Is this normal?
Everyone loses between 50 - 100 hairs a day, and about the same amount will grow back! The hair normally comes out during washing, combing and brushing, etc. Since curly/wavy hair (unlike straight hair) does not get combed out every day or on a regular basis, when you do comb or brush your hair, it seems like you are losing a lot of hair, but in fact, it is the total of one day or any number of days that the hair has not been brushed. When using MAXIGLIDE with the pins, you are also brushing and detangling the hair too. Therefore the hair that is scheduled to fall out will be on your MAXIGLIDE.
Is Maxiglide 100% ceramic or is it ceramic coated? What is the difference and is one better than the other?
MAXIGLIDE, as with over 99% of all ceramic irons, including the one with "TRUE" in the name, is ceramic coated on high grade aluminum, which to us, is the best combination, even better than all ceramic. After almost six and half years of research and development to create the MAXIGLIDE, our engineers and researchers concluded that ceramic/aluminum technology is the best combination. One reason is that it is we found it to be nearly impossible to polish the edges of the all ceramic plates because it is a very hard and dense material and I was not satisfied with the smoothness of the edges. I wanted the smoothest and softest surface to contact the hair on the top and the edges of the plates. We travel the world and attend many shows. We have not seen even one all ceramic flat iron that has a smooth and polished edge. That's why virtually all the famous flat irons - professional or not, use a ceramic/aluminum combination. With the ceramic on top of the highly polished aluminum, we can achieve the smoothest surface especially on the edges. So, when you turn the MAXIGLIDE to create a flip, hair will glide on the plate, rather than possibly breaking. Basically the reason ceramic was introduced, was because we wanted a very soft surface to touch the hair. With the ALUMINUM/CERAMIC, we achieve exactly that. Since your hair will only is only in contact with CERAMIC, whether it is 0.5MM thick or 2MM thick.
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